How long will it take to process my order?

The shipping process depends on the location where the shipment should be sent.

Expected delivery period is as shown below:
Shipping Kiwi express brand: 3-6 working days

Please note that shipping order processing usually takes 1-4 working days, and these days are not included within the above delivery period.

How do I know the tracking information of my shipment?

If your order is delivered to the specified shipping company, you will receive an email confirming the start of the shipping process and providing
you with a tracking number.
Please verify through your personal account at Kiwi Marka:

First: Log in to your account at Kiwi Marka and enter "My Orders".

You can use the shipment number to track your order on the shipping company's website. For more information, please contact the shipping
company and provide the shipment number to tell you the details.